What to Wear for Family Photos

I think we can ALL agree that picking your outfits for any photo session is the hardest part, especially when there are multiple family members to coordinate! Deciding what to wear can can be really stressful and overwhelming but only if you let it be!! Because it can also be really FUN, who doesn’t love an excuse to buy a new outfit for yourself right? 😉 You can totally wear outfits you already have too! Either way, here are some tips for deciding what to wear for family photos!

TIP #1: I always tell moms (or whoever is the pickiest) to find an outfit that they love and will feel good in and then match everyone to her. You don’t necessarily have to match, just compliment each other. Some people like to have complimentary colors that they like picked out before they start looking for outfits. However, I recommend finding an outfit you love first and create your color scheme based on that outfit.

The Harward family, above, absolutely nailed their coordination!! Notice how all the main colors are colors from mom’s shirt and how her shirt has a super unique pattern, so they had lots of solids in the mix to break it up. I also love how none of the kids are wearing the same colors and it looks so good because all the colors compliment each other!

Tip #2: Adding some fun textures, layers, accessories and colors can really make your photos pop in the right places. I can always place you next to the people whose outfit looks best next to yours as well! I love how the Crandall family, below, have different tones of blue together to add contrast. The boys both wearing khaki pants was a nice touch, too! They have some in solids and some in patterns, which makes it all blend well while still keeping it interesting 🙂

TIP #3: I suggest having a couple options to play around with. Then whatever you end up not using you can always return. Whether your outfits are new or something you already have, I recommend not wearing them until the day of pictures so that nothing happens to them! Always feel free to send me photos of the outfits you have if you have a question! I love seeing what you have picked out and giving advice on what could make them even better!

So many factors can go into picking outfits for family photos. Even if you are picking outfits months in advance, like I do cause I get so excited haha, dress appropriately for whatever season and time of year your photos will be taken. Watch the weather in the days leading up to your photos to know what the conditions will be. If it will be windy or chilly then make sure your kiddos are warm enough or they won’t be too happy during the session. Don’t eat in your outfits before your come haha I am the queen of spilling.

TIP #4: Keep the location and season in mind when choosing outfits! The Nees family below chose crisp fresh pastel colors and they were STUNNING in this summery green field! It was light and bright! No matter if it was a group shot, mom and daughters shot, or siblings shot, they ALL looked great together. Whether your session is on the beach, in the mountains, or in a flower field can also give off the vibes you are going for. The time of day and lighting will affect things too. I love to shoot in the evening around golden hour so the sun is PERFECT!

TIP #5: Try clothes on every person BEFORE the day of the photo shoot to make sure everything fits right. SO IMPORTANT!! Especially if you shopped well in advance! And don’t just assume something you have will work.

TIP #6: Have your clothes laid out and ready to go the day before so you aren’t overwhelmed or rushing the day of. Steam or iron the wrinkles out, even the kiddos outfits. Having your clothes wrinkle free enhances your photos, I PROMISE. We want everything to look nice! It is a special occasion 😉 haha

Tip #7: Avoid wearing logos and neon colors. Neon colors often will cast onto your skin often giving off the wrong skin tone so it is best to just avoid them for family photos!

Tip #8: If you plan on printing out a large print for your living room (which you totally should 😉 and want to go the extra mile, you can even base colors off of the decor in that room!!

Tip #9: This is the most important tip of all! Wear clothes that feel like you! Do not try to force your family to wear clothes that they don’t feel comfortable in otherwise it will show in the photos. We want everyone feeling happy and confident. All these tips are simply suggestions, at the end of the day the only person that needs to love it is YOU. So be yourself and have fun with it!

I hope these tips help you feel more prepared when deciding what to wear for family photos. We want to create fun memories. And reach out if you have questions or want suggestions, I am SO happy to help!!

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