The Romney Family: John A. Finch Arboretum

I have so much love for the Romney family!! Kendra has been one of my biggest supporters in my business! She has referred me to countless people and always says the kindest things! This photo session was actually from a giveaway I did that she won. It is a completely random giveaway and I cannot tell you how happy I was that she won!! It was so so deserving!

I was friends with Kendra’s little brother in high school so I knew about her, but I really met her in 2018 when I got to take photos of her cute family for the first time. Since then she has had another baby who is already 9 months old! Which feels crazy!! I can definitely tell that Kendra is an incredible mom, she is incredibly kind and patient. I love taking photos with her family because she doesn’t seem stressed or rushed and allows her kids to be kids. She also sells Usborne books and I have not only LOVED purchasing these books from her, but also the FB group that she put together where she posts different crafts you can do and also reads the books on live videos! How fun!

I don’t know much about Jackson, but the few times I have had the chance to be around him, I can tell he is hilarious, he always seems to be making people laugh and you can definitely tell that he is a fun patient dad. At photo sessions you can often tell that the dad does not want to be there, but I have never got the impression from Jackson, even though I am sure it isn’t his favorite thing. He just plays with his kids and enjoys the moment the best he can.

Needless to say, Oliver and Calvin have the coolest parents and I am so lucky to know the Romney family! Thank you for the constant support! I am forever grateful!!

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  1. Kendra Romney says:

    Ashlyn, you are seriously the best!!!! I can’t wait to hang every single one of these all over my house! 😍 Thank you for always making family pictures so much fun! It’s impossible to be stressed out with you behind the camera!!

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