The Bonesteel Family | John A. Finch Arboretum

LOOK HOW CUUUUTE!!! It was so fun taking pictures for The Bonesteel family! Their sweet little guy Blake turns one next month so they wanted some cute family pictures and darling pictures of him! They brought balloons and a little basket for him to stand in. It was like a mini hot air balloon, so precious! Such a fun age and their pictures turned out so dang cute. Also, how perfect are the fall colors and their outfits!? They must have read my “What to Wear for Family Pictures” blog post 😉 Head to my pinterest page to pin outfit inspiration for your own family photos!

Michelle’s parents came to the session as well. Blake is their first grandchild so they were so excited! So fun to get some pictures of Blake with his grandma and grandpa! Generation pics are the best! It is probably so wild to see your baby have a baby of their own. I loved watching both the parents and grandparents with Blake! He was so happy through out the whole session and totally rocked his camera time haha.

The trees at John A. Finch Arboretum are so pretty right now. Michelle and Pat met in high school and turns out that is where they took their engagement photos six years ago. So special to see how their family has grown since then. They were all so sweet and she messaged me after their session saying how much fun they had with me. That seriously makes me so happy. All I ever want is for you guys to have so much fun and enjoy your session with me! And love your pictures too, of course haha. Thanks to The Bonesteel family for letting me capture your sweet family! Happy 1st Birthday Blake!!

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