Nathan and Kearan | Big Spring Park Engagements

Nathan and Kearan😍😍😍 I was friends with Kearnans brother in high school, so it was so much fun to be able to take her and Nates engagements!! They were the perfect amount of jokes and compliments. Nate could not stop telling Kearan how good she looked and it was my favorite😍 But the also loved joking around with each other! You can tell that their marriage will be filled with joy💛

We took their engagements at a field near Big Springs park and it was the perfect field with a beautiful mountain back drop! Utah never ceases to amaze me!

Kearan and Nate met at a bon fire that they were both invited to! Kearan says they didn’t really hit it off at first, but when they did, she wasn’t afraid to ask him to be her boyfriend😏 They dated for over a year when Nate (finally😉) proposed. They will have a beautiful forever❤️

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