Utah Location Guide

McPolin Barn – Park City

This is a beautiful White barn that would be an awesome location year round!

Aspen Feild – Park City or Midway

Closed in the Winter, but the perfect fall location!

Big Mountain Summit

This has gorgeous mountain views and can be utilized year round!

Deer Creek Reservoir

This location is in Heber and open field location next to the reservoir and can be used year round.

Jordan Pines Campground

This location is perfect for all the forest-y, mountain kind of vibes! It is open year round and it is great for all types of sessions! But it does get rather busy on the weekends especially, so I would recommend doing a shoot here during the week, and avoid weekends if possible.

Utah Lake – Saratoga Springs Location

This location is right off the lake on a little trail and is a perfect location for any type of session!

Big Springs Park

This location is located up Provo Canyon! it is a 10 min hike to get to this spot from the parking lot. It is a beautiful open field with mountain views! It is a great location for both sunset and sunrise sessions!

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