Utah Location Guide

Jordan Pines Campground

This location is perfect for all the forest-y, mountain kind of vibes! It is open year round and it is great for all types of sessions! But it does get rather busy on the weekends especially, so I would recommend doing a shoot here during the week!

The Great Saltair

When you first arrive at this location it may not look like much, but it gives the DREAMIEST light and such a clean backdrop allowing you to focus on the people! This location is great for all types of sessions and is open year rounf, BUT the bugs get bad from March to Aug so I wouldn’t suggest this location during those months.

Tunnel Springs Park

This park overlooks salt lake valley and as the sun sets it gives off that perfect orange glow!! It has a cool fence, some what looking areas, and rolling green hills!

The Salt Flats

THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!! Hands down I love this one. I have shot at this location twice, but I have yet to shoot here since we have moved back and I am dying too! It is such a unique look and the all white salt with the miles of emptiness is just stunning. The downside is that it is quite a bit of a drive, but since I want to shoot here since moving back and have yet to have the opportunity, if you choose this location I will not charge extra.

Little Sahara

This is a beautiful sand dunes look! I am obsessed with this location! It is a bit of a drive but WORTH IT!

Albion Basin

This location is awesome! It is closed during the winter and the sunflowers only come out for a couple weeks in July, but it is GORGEOUS at other times of the year as well!

Utah Lake – Saratoga Springs Location

This location is right off the lake on a little trail and is a perfect location for any type of session!

Utah Lake State Park

This location located in Provo and if you live in that area is a super quick drive. It is a cool rocky area on the lake.

Tibble Fork

This location is covered in pine trees and makes my Washington heart so happy! There is lots of variety that you can get at this location and is perfect for anyone looking for a location near American Fork!

Big Springs Park

This location is located up Provo Canyon! It is a beautiful open field with mountain views!

Jolleys Ranch

If you live near Mapleton or the Springville area this location may be perfect for you as it is located just up Mapleton canyon!

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