Preslee Walters | Downtown Senior Photoshoot

Preslee Walters. You my friend are one of a kind. Full of Sunshine and life. It is fitting that your favorite color is yellow because thats exactly how I think of you, bright and happy. Over the the past few years that I have known you I have learned how kind you are. Just in the small glimpse of your life I have received I have found you to be generous, a good friend, happy, and with the ability to make everyone feel important and loved.

I know you will knock your senior year out of the park and go on to do incredible things in this life. Whatever course life takes you on whether that is college, marriage, a mission, all of the above, or something else entirely, I know you will be placed in situations that will allow you to impact those around you with intensity. I am grateful to know you and your family and I am honored to be able to incapsulate your personality through these images and I hope I accomplished that.

Whatever life throws your way, Keep being you. The world needs more Preslee Walters!

  1. Stefanie says:

    Ashlyn these turned out so great. My girl looks breathtaking. All the kind words you said about her made me cry. They are true in every way. She’s the best. We are grateful for you and for sharing your talents. Love you girl.

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