The Barker Family

I love The Barker family so much, like I can’t even put it into words! I was their nanny when I was in high school. They have a girl & five boys so I definitely got some good practice for my own kids! They are so fun and crazy! Hopefully it will come in handy when the twins get here haha. When I was their nanny, Henry was just a baby, Tate was just starting to talk and Max was like 2 feet shorter than he is now lol. Want to know the crazier part though?? Their daughter Emma is now MY nanny haha totally full circle, so fun!!

We did their family pictures at Bowl & Pitcher in Riverside Park! There is a cool bridge, a fun rock area and a beautiful overlook of the river where we got some super good pictures! I had so much fun with them, it definitely brought me back! The boys just wanted to be boys and climb all over everything haha! It will definitely be a different world if I get some boys this time around.

The parents are so kind! Having been around Brook a lot as a teenager, I have always looked up to her! She is the most patient, loving mom you will ever meet. She is so full of love and always so willing to serve. Brook has been an amazing example to me and I getting to talk with her about all the things and get advice. I loved visiting them when I would come home from college. She also experienced ectopic pregnancies so talking to her after I had mine was a good experience. She is just amazing and I am so grateful to know her!

Emma is so dang cute, like the best nanny ever to my girls! She always makes it so fun by bringing games & fun activities for them to do, they love her! I don’t know how she does it, but my house is always clean after she watches them. She is a lifesaver haha. Emma and her brother Max have the cutest relationship. I still can’t get over how tall Max has gotten like what! He was so positive and happy to be there, it was so great.

Thanks for letting me take your pictures Barker family! It was so fun to see how much you are all growing up and catch up!

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