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That last picture…..oh my gosh it melts my heart!! The Cochran family is so dang cute. And so fun to have pictures of the kiddos at this fun stage of life! They moved to the area from the west side of Washington about two years ago. Sarah posted in a Spokane Facebook moms group asking for photographer suggestions and so many of you referred me, you guys are seriously the best!! She decided to reach out & I am so glad she did because they are such a darling family!!

They hadn’t had pictures taken since before they had moved so they needed some updated ones of their cute fam! Adam, the husband, kept joking that they have more pictures hanging in their house with the picture that comes in it then they do of actual pictures of them hahaha i am sure we can all relate! At least they have them hanging on the wall, that’s half the battle and way more progress than I have! haha I literally have a huge stack of frames that I need to put up in my house.

They had totally different outfits planned because it was supposed to be their fall session so they were going to wear cute sweaters. But it ended up being like 80 degrees and so hot haha so they decided last minute to change their outfits. They looked so cute!! Talk about a curveball! They handled it all so great, and look fabulous!!

There are so many fun things you can do to keep kiddos engaged in the shoot and to help them still have the best time! I told them to laugh like Santa and did it with them. They did follow the leader and London bridges falling down where the parents try to trap them in their arms. That always gets some cute shots. The little boy was so funny, he is obsessed with the dance gangnam style so he kept doing it and it was the best!!

The Cochran family was so sweet and were so good to me! Their kiddos are so cute and they were so fun during the session. Thanks Adam & Sarah for trusting me to capture your darling family!! I hope I get to take their pictures again sometime!

Ready for some new family pictures to capture these precious moments? Let’s chat!!

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