Riverfront Park Senior Session | Luke Ruby

Luke just started his senior year at Cheney High School. I had the opportunity to take his senior pictures this past week! Luke’s whole family actually came to his Riverfront Park senior session and it was so fun to get pictures of Luke with all of them! He is the youngest and has two older sisters. It’s always way more fun and comfortable when you have friends or family at your session with you! It was actually his parents 29th wedding anniversary so they were only there for the first half. But what a way to celebrate, having your baby take his senior pics! We started on the pedestrian bridge in University Court and then moved to some spots along the Spokane river in Riverfront park.

Luke plays football and does wrestling. We took some pictures with his jersey and football. I love being able to capture their hobbies because it shows who they are and will be fun to look back on. We opted not to take pics with his wresting singlet. cause walking around downtown in that might be a little odd, haha! It is always fun to learn more about each senior! Luke wants to study business in college. He will be great in whatever he does!

One of the sisters was a bridesmaid in one of the weddings I shot earlier this year and that is how I met them! Luke is so go with the flow and you can tell his sisters bossed him around growing up 😉 haha! It was so fun chatting with his sisters and getting to know them more! They said Luke has great style, but had fun helping him pick out his outfits and telling him which ones would look good! That’s what sisters are for right 😉 He is a great kid and was super nice! His Riverfront Park senior session turned out awesome!

What a crazy time to be a senior. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, Luke! Have an amazing senior year!!

Graduating from high school or college in 2021? Let’s chat & get some pictures taken!!

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