The McComas Family: Mount Spokane

I have known the McComas family for about 10 years and it is so crazy to see how grown up they all are! I used to babysit these kiddos and now they babysit my kiddos, haha I feel so old, but at the same time I still feel 12. LOL. I took Ashtyn’s senior pictures not too long ago, so basically I just love photographing this cute fam! Check out her senior session HERE.

This session was up on Mount Spokane and it was a BLAST. The pictures still turned out so pretty and the colors they wore were perfect! We took some pictures about half way up the mountain and then kept driving to the top. It got a little sketchy because the fog/smoke was SO thick that you could barely see in front of you!!

We went over to the Vista House and a wedding was happening. We thought they were done and started to take pictures but then the groom came over and said they wanted to get married where we were and asked how long we were going to be. Haha. They felt bad because it is just a public area you can’t reserve, but we totally understood! You couldn’t see any of the views so that was unfortunate! We decided to drive back down to where we had stopped on the way up.

I love when family’s are comfortable and are just totally themselves. Honestly some of the best pictures come from when you act like I am not even there! It was loud and fun (because well let’s be honest any session with me their is loud, haha)! I always grab some pictures of mom & dad, portraits of the kiddos and sibling pictures, too. Sometimes things come up during a session, such as the smoke, but I love how happy and go with the flow the McComas family was. The kids were were awesome sports and the whole family went with it. The session is always so much more enjoyable when everyone, especially the parents are not stressed.

Thanks for being so chill and for always making it the best time together!!

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