The Anglesey Family

I had so much fun taking pictures of this beautiful blended family this past weekend at Slavins Conservation! The lighting was perfect and the big open field always makes for the prettiest background. The Anglesey family also brought their CUTE dog, Ruby. She was going crazy, she was so excited to be outside in a new place.

Josh & Jane have been married for a couple years now and are so dang cute together! Josh had three kids, two boys and a girl, while Jane had two girls. Together they are the sweetest family of seven! They are seriously the nicest people! Some of them didn’t love to have their pictures taken, but they were such good sports about it!! They will love to look back on all these family pictures and memories one day.

I have known Jane’s family for a while now. Her mom was my Sunday school teacher at church when I was 12 and now I am her mom’s ministering sister. Side note, Jane’s mom is such an amazing cook! So fun to come full circle and still have connections with her! At church I help in the nursery with the kiddos, but before I was asked to do that, Josh & Jane were the nursery leaders. Everyone always says such good things about them and the kids absolutely LOVE them!! They are the best, I definitely have some big shoes to fill! Haha.

I am so glad I was able to capture their sweet relationships with one another. Nothing makes me happier than to see a family happy and having a good time. Yay for memories! I am so happy for the Anglesey family and hope these pictures are on their wall forever 😉

This time of year is perfect for family pictures with all the pretty colors! Check out my page if you are ready to take some photos! Need some family picture inspiration? Check out my pinterest page for all the outfit, poses and location ideas.

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