Mount Spokane Senior Session: Carter Jamison

Last week I had the opportunity to take Carter’s senior photos and DANG his Mount Spokane Senior Session was a blast. This kid is seriously the nicest human I have ever met, so so sweet. He is hilarious and it was definitely a non-stop good time! His mom found me on social media and messaged me about taking Carter’s photos. Later on we found out that I know her sister-in-law, what a small world! Making those connections is always so fun.

Carter is an absolute gem and even though I only got to spend our short session together, I could tell he is such a sweet respectful young man. High school girls, where ya at? 😉 He also has the cutest dog, so that is a plus! haha My favorite thing about Carter’s session was seeing how he treated his mom, the absolute sweetest relationship ever. Always so kind to her! He had left his skis in the car so his mom was going to go back and get them. He didn’t want his mom to have to carry them back down so he insisted that he go get them. Like how thoughtful is that!!

While he was gone, I chatted with his mom. Carter is the youngest of her 5 kids. She was telling me that she felt so overwhelmed with 4 kids but felt that she needed to have another. They are so glad they did because Carter has not only blessed their lives, but so many others as well. She said Carter has been the best kid and was literally sent here to have fun haha he always helps others laugh and have a good time. His mom said he is the most perfect last kid and is always so helpful. I totally saw all of this during his session and he only had good things to say about others. He makes me want to be a better person!!

I laughed so much during this session. Carter is hilarious and I love when my clients are true to themselves, it makes it so fun! It is the best when clients feel comfortable to do what they want! He thought about wearing jeans but he realized that wouldn’t be authentic to who he is. He wears shorts and a t-shirt year round so he wanted to be himself! Carter was so excited to take pictures in his shorts and skis in the summertime haha he even had his goggles on and did the whole thing. It is YOUR session so make it YOURS!! We got to capture what he is all about and doing all the things he loves! He loves skiing, rock climbing, football, socks with sandals, and being involved in everything he can be.

These pictures tell us so much about him and looking back on them is going to bring so many memories from not only his Mount Spokane senior session but his high school years as well. After high school, he wants to attend Brigham Young University and wants to go into Business. I am so glad I got to meet Carter & his mom. Carter is going to do amazing things and I am so excited for him in all his future adventures.

Graduating in 2021? Let’s take some senior pics!! BOOK HERE.

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