The VanAssche Wedding

Hannah and Jeremy are not just my bride and groom anymore, I truly consider them friends. They were so kind through this planning process and I am so grateful to have met them and captured one of the most important days of their lives. The Vanassche wedding was one to remember! And I hope to continue to capture all the important moments to follow!

Wedding days can feel overwhelming because with so much planning going into one day something is bound to go wrong and it usually does which is OKAY. Hannah and Jeremy had it even harder with all the curve balls 2020 threw their way, BUT they made this day perfect! Although they had to adjust plans several times, it turned out incredible and they had smiles on their faces throughout everything! They have so much love for each other and I love they way they have fun together and laugh!! Even their friends and family could attest to that. I truly believe laughter is the key to a lasting marriage.

One moment in particular that stands out from this day and sums up so much about Hannah and Jeremy was the Brides sisters Speech/Performance. Therefore, I have to share it in this blog post! It was incredible so scroll down and enjoy the magic because heaven knows those two sisters put a lot of work into it and the world needs to hear it!! In the end, everything about the Vanassche wedding was goals.

They did a Bulls Entrance for the bridal party and announced them like a basketball team. It was so fun and now I think every wedding should do this!!
The Brides sister performance was definitely a highlight! Enjoy!
MONEY DANCE! If you aren’t familiar with this tradition it is where you can pay to dance with the bride or groom. It is a fun way to earn some extra bucks for your honeymoon 😉 Their dance floor was a party all night long!

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  1. Hannah VanAssche says:

    You captured the day perfectly! So much fun ❤️ We love how these turned out!!

  2. Olivia Nees says:

    you captured their day perfectly!! love love love these photos, you are amazing!

  3. Staci Nees says:

    LOVE all of these. You captured the day/night perfectly. So much fun. Thank you Ashlyn for going above and beyond to capture all of the special memories.

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