Jared and Rachel Rexburg Engagement Session

I went to High school with Jared’s brother, so I have known him for some time. When they messaged me about being their photographer I was so excited. I actually drove all the way down to Rexburg to take their engagements. So worth it!! Jared & Rachel’s Rexburg Engagement Session was so much fun and they made taking their photos so easy!

They met through a set up by his brother and sister in law. His sister in law, Cassidy, was actually Rachel’s mission companion. I have been friends with Rob and Cassidy since high school! It’s so funny that they were mission companions because even though I have only spent like 2 hours with Rachel, they seem like they are so much alike! I can see why they are such good friends & how fun that they will now get to be related too 🙂

You can tell that Jared and Rachel have so much chemistry and have a lot of fun together. At the end of my session I like to have my couples do whatever they want such as dance, pick each other up upside down & literally just be weird. I like to do this because it is fun to see what couples come up with and always brings out people’s personalities. Normally it takes people a second and they are kind of hesitant but these to immediately started doing the foot tap thing (i don’t actually know what it is called, haha) and then attempted the Koala thing. It was so funny and we definitely ended the session on a high note!

I am looking forward to their wedding in the next couple of months and can’t wait to get to know them even better!!

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