Alex and Alayne Wedding: The Jewett House

Alex and Alayne found me through instagram and I could not be happier that they did! Everything fell into place perfectly. They were wanting engagements taken in Rexburg and their wedding was going to take place in Coeur ‘d’ Alene Idaho and believe it or not I lived in Rexburg at the time and was moving to Spokane, WA (just 25 min from Couer ‘d’ Alene) before their wedding. If that isn’t meant to be I don’t know what is!

Alex and Alayne met at a blood bank of all places! Which always makes me laugh because I think of that one office episode (if you know you know ;). Alayne said she was not a fan at first, but a few days later when she found out Alex had hurt his leg playing soccer she took him a get well basket, so you decide if she was a fan or not. Haha! After that act of kindness they began hanging out and well the rest is history.

Alex and Alayne are seriously perfect for each other. Honestly though, you know those old married couples that are so cute simply because of the way they look at each other and because you can feel their sense of being home. That will for sure be these two because it kind of already is. They were so comfortable to be around and I felt like we were friends instantly. I was secretly hoping they were going to stick around the area, but dang school took them away. They will still always be some of my fave and I hope we get the chance to hangout again!

Their wedding took place at the Jewett house on Lake Coeur ‘d’ Alene and all the details came together beautifully. There was so many tender moments. One of my favorite was when Alayne’s grandpa gave her her great grandmothers necklace and places it around her neck. It was such a tender moment and as tears were shed you could feel the overwhelming love that was being passed on from her ancestors.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to capture this wedding and I hope these pictures can portray just a touch of how memorable this day truly was. Enjoy!

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