Baylee and McKay | Utah Lake | Couples Session

Baylee and Mckay are born to be models. Posing has never been easier. They had the facial expressions down, the hand placement, everything. I did their session in record time because of how quick and easy it was for them to pose.

Sessions don’t always go this way and I don’t expect everyone or anyone to be naturals at posing because if you have ever seen me in front of the camera then you know I am as far from a natural as it gets. But that is part of my job! Most couples that a photograph start the session off by saying, “I am so awkward in front of the camera.” And they end up KILLING IT! I will guide you through exactly what to do. Most of the time I will demonstrate the pose for you while I am explaining it.

I went to high school with Mckay and met Baylee when they were dating a few years ago. They both have hearts of gold and I love being around them. They are so supportive of businesses. Mckay was actually wearing a shirt that he got from his cousin’s business @blueandwhitecollar. The shirt is like athletic material and DOESN’T NEED TO BE IRONED. EVER. It was incredible. His cousin is also in the process of designing a shirt made of completely recycled plastic. You will literally be able to pour red Kool aid on it and it won’t stick. So amazing! I recommend you check them out.

McKay had been sick all week and was also studying for finals so they requested a location in Provo, where they were living. After doing some research I decided that Utah Lake would be the perfect spot and I was right! This session was such a dream and I couldn’t have asked for better models!

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