The Beaton Family | Tibble Fork Winter Photos

In 2020, I happened to be at the right place at the right time AND I happened to have my camera on me when these total strangers were getting engaged right in front of me and not seeing a photographer there I decided to take some photos for them cause why not! Fast forward to facetiming them about me possibly photographing their elopement and feeling an instant connection and all around good vibes. Fast forward to September of 2021 where I got to hike 9 miles with them and photograph the most incredible, goose bump giving, wedding I have ever witnessed. Fast forward to NOW 2024 after they had their first babe and took a trip to Salt Lake and asked if I could take photos of them. ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY. I love how quickly and how easily it was to become friends with these once total strangers. Forever grateful I didn’t allow my sliver of awkwardness of taking photos of complete strangers stop me from doing it cause missing out on these humans and the experiences I have been able to share with them would have been TRAGIC. Love this family and love seeing their family grow.<3 Thanks for your continued support and all your kind messages over the years!

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