Nick & Jenna Engagements | Utah Capitol Building and Tunnle Springs

I like to joke that I am 97% responsible for these two ending up together, but in all reality I think they would have made this happen all on their own. They may have just taken a little longer 😉

Nick and Jenna were made for each other and I am so excited to get another amazing sister in law!! She fits right in and I am so excited for all the memories to come! I love the two different looks we were able to get during this session! More classy look at the Utah Capitol building and more casual at Tunnel Springs park! Plus we were able to throw in some pics of them in Dallas Cowboys jerseys because if you have met Nick for even 2 seconds you know that it is his entire personality. Lol.

I always love being around these two and couldn’t be happier to call them family. They truly are the most kind, loyal, and fun people to be around! Cannot wait for their wedding!!

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