Nathan & Kearan Couples Photos | Tibble Fork

Last time Kearan and Nathan got photos taken was when I took their wedding photos over 3 years ago so of course they needed some new ones! Nathan recently graduated and got a job in California working in finance, but Kearan needed to stay here and finish up her teaching year and will join him in May. In the meantime they have been flying back and forth to see each other on weekends. Nathan’s flight had been delayed this weekend and he had just stepped off a flight before they got to the photoshoot, so what trooper to immediately do a photoshoot!

These wintery Tibble fork photos felt like the perfect last Utah photo session before they are off on their new adventures in the sunshine in California! I always have a good time with Nathan and Kearan and I love seeing how their love for each other has progressed over the past 3 years! I obviously only get a small glimpse into people’s relationships, but there are always vibes, and you can tell their love for each other has only grown deeper and stronger. Grateful to be able to capture it!

I hope your adventures in Cali are everything you want it to be and can’t wait to fly out and take your photos on the beach 😉 Lol.

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