Ashley Spells | Maternity

There is so much I could say about this wonderful lady! I met her back in February when she started a wild and free homeschool co-op and we were blessed to join it! Right off the bat I could tell we were going to be great friends. She is very accepting of others regardless of their beliefs, but also holds true to her own convictions and openly shares them which I admire a lot. She is always seeking ways to better herself emotionally, mentally spiritually, and physically! She is full of so much wisdom but is always open to learning new things.

She owns a doula practice and has helped delivered over 200 babies!! Which is incredible! What a beautiful thing to be a part of and now she is pregnant with her second baby. Her family also lives in a fifth wheel and we will be able to be neighbors in about a month and I am SO EXCITED about it!!  Grateful to have you in my life Ash!! Thanks for letting me capture this special time in your life <3

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