The Shepard Family

It was so fun to see this family (minus Dave who couldn’t make the trip to Utah Sadly). They live in Virginia and decided to get a session in while they were down in Utah for a trip and it is always fun to see old friends!

Susan was my Young Women’s leader when I was a teenager and I have always looked up to her as a women and a mom! She taught me piano lessons when I was a senior in high school and I also babysat her to oldest when they were very young. I know its the oldest story in the world, but time truly goes by so fast! Her oldest is 14 now and I remember reading him chapter books and he would ask me questions that i frequently couldn’t answer. He was the most brilliant 4 year old. Always telling me random facts and full of knowledge.

I briefly met her 3rd child when she was born and this was my first time meeting her youngest. It was so fun to see them all interact with eachother and see their little personalities come out. They were so goofy and fun. I always love to see kids personalities shine in photos because those are the ones that tell the story of that chapter of your life.

Thank you Susan for always being the best example growing up and I am so grateful for your support! Your family is beautiful and I look forward to doing again when Dave is able to make it 🙂

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