The Anderson Family

I could talk about this family for so long. I have known them since I was 11 and the first memory I have is going with my sister to help babysit them when I was 12. Then a few years later their dad became the bishop and he was one of my favorite bishops I have ever had! My husband even worked for him after we got married! Their entire family is full of so much love and service. It was always a joy to be in YW with Amanda and then being able to take her engagement photos and wedding photos was such an honor. We have actually tried to schedule family photos a few times in the past, but missions, moving, or weather has often been in the way. Adam was actually on a mission for these pics but they brought a photo of him to include him in a few pics! and hopefully we are able to squeeze some in next summer when everyone will possibly be home at the same time!

I am so grateful they have trusted me to take so many photos for them and I am glad that this job has allowed me to stay connected with them even after moving a few states away! Thanks Anderson family for being such a highlight in our lives! You are all so fun to be around and I know you will all continue to bless so many lives!

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