Reed and Bianca

Reed and Bianca are such a perfect couple together!! Reed was actually my Trek brother like 6 years ago and it was so fun reconnecting after all this time and so fun meeting his fiancé! Bianca was so kind and laughed at all my jokes, so of course I LOVE her 😉

They were both so willing to do what I asked and fully trusted me! Reed kept saying I’ll do whatever you think looks best! And I appreciated that vote of confidence so much!

These two get married this December, I couldn’t be happier for them and I hope all the wedding planning goes well🥳 Thanks for trusting me to capture this special time in your life!!

  1. Joy McGivern says:

    Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Wishing you a wonderful life filled with God’s blessings.
    With love,
    auntie Joy & Uncle Pat

  2. Geri Kannapien says:

    Thank you for sharing. The pictures are beautiful as well as enduring.
    Grandma Geri and Grandpa Rudy

  3. Marlene Fredricks says:


    I am so pleased with these wonderful images that you captured!

    Reed and Bianca are so cute together , and I’m excited to meet my new Granddaughter!

  4. These pictures are so beautiful. Both of you show
    Your love for one another. Enjoy and have patience in. Your life together.
    . Grandma and Grandpa Kannapien

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