The Witt Family

I met Alyssa at the playground in front of our house one day because she lives in our neighborhood and her kids often play there. We talked about birth, one of my favorite things ever to talk about!! I absolutely loved her birth stories!/ She is so kind and seems like the most down to earth human. She is a very peaceful person to be around and you can tell that she is a really good mom!

I was so happy when she reached out for photos. Reese is so full of life and told me all about how she wanted to be a firefighter, a police officer, and an investigator. She was so excited when I pulled my polaroid camera out at the end for her to take her own pictures and didnt want to give it up 😉 we may have another photographer on our hands! Kace was so cute wandering around, interested in absolutely everything! He just wanted to explore!

I am grateful to know this family and have them as part of my neighborhood! Thanks for reaching out Alyssa! Your family is beautiful!!

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