The Jeppson Family | Mount Spokane

I met this family last year when I took their photos for the first time. It was only a mini session but even in those 30 minutes I could tell that this family was one of a kind! They all truly embrace each others personalities and their is something really special about that. This shoot was no different and I was thrilled to be able to be around them once again!

Isabella just got called to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints in Baltimore, Maryland and even with the short time I have been around her I know she will be an incredible missionary! She is such a bright light and the people of Maryland will truly be lucky to have her for those 18 months!

Amanda totally reminds me of myself! She is the talker of the bunch and is always finding knew ways to bring the family together and do things together. They were all joking that she talked the entire ride up to the shoot and never runs out of things to say and 100% that would be me! and if you don’t know, its an hour drive! You can tell she is an amazing mom who has really fostered a good relationship between her kids!

Jordan is the comedian of the family. Stays a little more in the background but takes any opportunity to get those around him laughing! He is so funny and easily made everyone laugh during this photoshoot. He also has such a special relationship with their dog and it was beautiful to watch!

Luke seems like an incredible brother, son, and I am sure friend! He has a way of making the people around him feel important. He seems to be blessed with the gift of being a good listener. He starts his junior year of High school this year and I know he will make an impact on those around him!

I hav espent a very short time with these people and these personality assumptions could be way off, but I bet they arent 😉 These are totally the vibes I got and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to be around these incredible humans. I hope one day I am lucky enough to be around them once again! I hope you all continue to use your strengths to bless those around you!

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