The Kneese Family | Downtown Spokane

Janette is one of my best friends aunt. I have known her for years and that entire extended family is so dang fun to be around. You cannot help but smile and laugh when you are around them and this photo shoot was no different.

Janette told me that she has wanted me to take their family photos for awhile now and they never got around to it and then I moved and she said she was devastated. So when I announced I was visiting to do some shoots she immediately wanted to book. I don’t think she realized how much that means, but hearing things like that never gets old. It makes this job even more enjoyable than it already is and I was honored to be the first professional photographer that they have had!

You can tell this family has a strong bond and it was so sweet to see all the kids be so sweet to eachother. Little Tori was so full of energy/ camera shy and her sweet little siblings where always at her side helping her. It was so dang precious!

Thank you for letting me capture this time in your lives. I hope you can look back on these photos and remember the joy and fulfillment that you all bring to eachother!

  1. Kendra Urban says:

    Hi! Where is this located in Spokane?

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