Shauna Crandall | Realtor Branding Photos

Shauna is a realtor in the Spokane area and while I have never had the opportunity to have her do realtor things with her since we live in Utah, I know she is the first person I would choose. She is so fun, honest, kind, and hardworking. You can tell that she knows what she is doing and you cannot help but smile when you are around Shauna! She is always the life of the party.

I am so grateful to know her and her wonderful family! If you need a realtor. SHE IS YOUR GIRL!! I hope their are many photoshoots with Shauna in the future even though we live in completely different states because they are always full of good conversation and a fair amount of hype!

Thanks Shauna for your fun loving nature and for always trusting me with your photography needs!!

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