The Patten Family | Jolley’s Ranch

These are our cute neighbors!! We have been blessed with some of the best neighbors and these are some of them! Mary and I have very similar personalities and I LOVE it! We are both very open and can be a bit much to some people and I love that I can relate to her so well! Mary is so kind and fun to be around! She teaches 6th grade and you can just tell that she rocks it!! I am seriously going to miss seeing her so much when the school year starts! I haven’t had the opportunity to be around Casey all that much until this photoshoot, but you can tell that they compliment each other so well. Casey has a softer more reserved personality with plenty of humor and fun! I loved being able to capture these photos for them!! My kids have loved playing with Brin and Garrett and I love that Garrett has such a love for games. It reminds me so much of when I was his age. I look forward to making more memories with these wonderful neighbors of ours and am so grateful that they trusted me to capture their sweet family! Thanks for such a fun time Patten Family!

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