The Clark Family | Extended Family Session

Getting together with the whole family doesn’t always happen much. So when it does happen, pictures are a must!! The Clark family lost their sweet grandma, Beverly Francis. They live all over, but came together over the weekend for the funeral & wanted to have an extended family session. Their session was supposed to be on Saturday but it down poured ALL day! Such crazy weather. We were able to do it on Sunday morning before they left.

I actually knew their grandma, she was in my ward at church all growing up. I remember going over to her house a few times when I was in Young Women’s. She was seriously the nicest lady and so so talented. She painted and she would always show us her beautiful artwork, it was so cute!

The Clark family owns a vet here in Spokane called The Pet Vet. They have seven kids, four girls and three boys. They have identical twins so that was so fun to talk to them about all the things. I definitely got a little glimpse into my future haha. I kept getting their names mixed up and kept joking that this is totally going to be my kids whole life haha. Their youngest is a senior in high school so we were able to get some senior pictures of him, too!

We had their session on their property, which was really nice! I enjoyed getting pictures of all of them and the grand kids too! One of the boys was upset at one point so everyone broke out singing “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.” haha it was the best! I am so glad they got to all be together. I loved capturing some memories for The Clark family!

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