Gabby & Andrew | Bear Lake Regional Park

Gabby and her boyfriend Andrew were the cutest couple! We had so much fun and they loved doing any ideas I threw their way. When we first got to the shoot I totally thought they were engaged so I was like “oh when’s the wedding?!” and Gabby was like “yeah that’s what I’ve been saying” so I thought that maybe they just hadn’t set a date yet. But then I asked how long they had been engaged and she said they weren’t and I was like ohhh whoops haha and turned to Andrew, “didn’t mean to put you on the spot” haha.

Of course I had to find out their whole life stories. I love finding out how couples met! He works full-time as an electrician and she is going to school for social work. They met at a party at Eastern Washington University. They live in the valley right now and they actually live super close to me, which is funny because we drove 45 minutes away for their session haha. We did it at Bear Lake Regional Park! She really wanted some road pics so I found a road that wasn’t super busy and we got some super cute shots.

She knows The Crapo’s, and I have actually done Tori & Johnnys wedding and Dereke and Cara! I love the Crapos! She had seen some of Tori’s pictures and reached out to do photos with me! Tori’s parents run a daycare and Gabby used to work at their daycare in high school. Small world! Gabby said that when he does propose she wants a photographer there so we were both secretly hoping it was going to happen but next time 😉 you know who to call Andrew! haha. Thanks for trusting me to take your pictures!! I had so much fun with you two!

Couples sessions are so fun! Need some inspo for poses at your couples session? Check out my pinterest board!

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