The Risley Family | Corbin Park

How adorable is this family!!?? Seriously they the Risley family is so stinking cute and I am in love with their outfits!! Their kiddos are 1 and 3 so I totally know how that goes because of my own kids haha! I love getting to work with families with little kids. I know it may feel overwhelming as the parents because the kiddos may not cooperate like you want them to, but that is okay! They are little so we will let them be little and I will pull all the tricks out of my sleeve! I promise these pictures and memories will be SO worth it and you will be so glad you have them to cherish forever to remember this stage of life!

We actually had to reschedule their session because it was way too smoky the first time around. It worked out great though and I am so grateful that everyone has been so understanding and flexible! We did their session at Corbin Park down by the river. There were lots of rocks and the Wade was way more interested in picking up and throwing the rocks haha we caught some cute photos of him in his element and tried to distract him for the rest!

I always bring my Polaroid camera to my sessions and let the kiddos play with it at the end. Their little girl, River, thought it was so fun and loved taking pictures with it. Future photographer maybe?? 🙂 I love to get some couple pictures of just mom & dad during family sessions. It was so funny because Matt was like wait what I thought this was a family session haha, but he was awesome and I know he is going to love to them! 😉

So fun meeting this super sweet fam! Emily used to teach with someone I took family pictures for and that is how she found out about me. I am so glad she messaged me!! I loved taking pictures of the Risley Family! It means the world when you refer me to friends and family! Thanks for trusting me to capture these special moments!

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  2. Autumn Tucker says:

    Hello! My name is Autumn and I’m a local photographer! You’re work is beautiful! I love your color style! I have been scouting for new spots to do sessions and came upon your site. I’m curious if you would help me figure out where specifically you took the photos at Corbin Park (of course I understand if you’d rather keep the specific location a secret) because I have scouted the area and can’t seem to find the spot you took your photos at. I’ve walked all through so maybe I’m just missing it but anyway yea if you are willing to point me in the right direction I would appreciate it so so much!

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