The Wendelburg Family

Krista reached out to me on Instagram to take pictures of her side of the family, The Wendelburg Family! She is friends with the Nees family who I have done a few sessions for and their daughters wedding. Krista had seen all the photos I have done of them and wanted family pictures! You guys are the best for posting your pictures and tagging me!! It helps my small business SO much and I LOVE meeting new people. Definitely one of my favorite parts about being a photographer.

Their session was at their lake house property on Loon Lake. It was beautiful! They spend their summers there. How cool is that!? Krista wanted a picture with her husband in a certain spot and asked him if that was okay. He responded with, “whatever you want, honey.” What a good guy haha that is the right answer 😉

I went to CVHS and we made the connection that the Patriarch of the family, Bruce, used to teach U.S History there. They laughed and said it would have been way before I was there because he retired in 1997. I was born in 1997. HAHA. But we knew some of the same teachers so that was a fun connection. It really is so fun to connect and get to know so many people through taking their pictures.

Extended family sessions are so special. Nothing beats being all together. I think pictures with Grandma and Grandpa are the sweetest! I always take pictures of just Grandma & Grandpa together, too. We never know how much time we truly have here on Earth with one another so cherish those memories and ALWAYS take pictures! Thanks for letting me take your pictures, Wendelburg Family!

Family sessions are so special! To book yours today, check out more information HERE.

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