Mount Spokane Formal Session: Hannah & Joe

Joe and Hannah, Oh how I love them! They are seriously so sweet together. Their Mount Spokane formal session was breathtaking! The first look was so precious because you could seriously feel all the anticipation vibes. Joe was so excited and nervous and in love and you could see it all over his face and you could tell that Hannah just adored him.

We were able to start with their bride and groom portraits at the Spokane LDS temple where we did their first look and then we drove to the top of MT. Spokane to finish the session. And man oh man was it incredible, I MEAN LOOK AT THAT VIEW!! SO GOOD! This is where Hannah and Joe wanted to take their engagements, but unfortunately the summit wasn’t quite open yet so we took them on the lower half of mount Spokane, but we were so excited to be able to take their formals up here.

They chose this location because this is where the two of them had reunited and reignited 😉 their love for each other after being away serving LDS missions for a couple years. The image of them on the bench is actually where they had their first kiss after being away from each other for so long, so of course we had to reenact it!

A couple days after their formals they were able to be sealed in the Spokane LDS temple for time and all eternity. With all the restrictions they were only able to have a few people view the sealing, but had some wonderful friends and family their to support them once it was finished. We were then able to capture all their wonderful friends and family their to support them on this glorious day!

I have known Hannah’s family for quite sometime because her parents were actually my “ma & pa” at a church event we call Trek. (for those that don’t know what this is, it is where a group of people re-enact in a very small way what the pioneers endured to help us get a sense of their struggles). So it was so fun to see them again as well as others that I knew growing up and hadn’t seen for some time.

SO happy for you Hannah and Joe and know your future has so much in store!! Thank you for trusting me to capture your beautiful wedding!

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