Top 10 Photo Locations in the Spokane area

As a photographer in the area, I spend a lot of time location scouting and find the best backdrops for your pictures. Different locations look different during various times of the year but I promise we will find the best one for the photos you are wanting. Here is my list of the top Spokane photo locations I have fallen in love with!

  1. Top of Mount Spokane

This location has an incredible view and is awesome for couples, seniors, or families with adult children. I probably wouldn’t recommend it for families with small kids as their are some steep drops. This is probably my all time favorite location around Spokane, but unfortunately it is only accessible a few months out of the year between June and September. If your session is during this time though I would highly recommend it. This location also requires you to purchase a Discover pass which is $10 for the day or $30 for the year. It is also about a 50 min drive from Spokane Valley, but worth every minute!

2. Slavins Conservation

I am a HUGE fan of the open field look and highly recommend this location for families!! It creates such a clean look and will look incredible hanging on the walls of your home! This location doesn’t provide a ton of variety, but family sessions have so much variety already, because of the posing and different groupings. I probably wouldn’t recommend this for a senior session since their isn’t any groupings or people to switch around.

3. John A. Finch Arboretum

This is my favorite location for extended family sessions because the images are taken super close to where you park and their are lots of cool trees that the kids love to climb and play on when the session is coming to a close which provides such a fun opportunity to get candid shots of the little kiddos.

4. Manito Park

This location is perfect for anyone, especially seniors because of the amount of variety it offers in such a small area!

5. Downtown Spokane

If you are a fan of the city vibes, this one is for you! This offers beautiful views of downtown Spokane as well as some street side photos. This location is great for seniors, couples, or families with adult children. I wouldn’t recommend this for families with several small children or for extended family session because their is a bit more walking involved and it can be on busy streets.

6. Bowl and Pitcher Park

This location is fun and unique, it provides some awesome variety and would be so fun for seniors, couples, and some families. I would not recommend this for people with larger families or extended family sessions. This location also requires you to purchase a Discover pass which is $10 for the day or $30 for the year.

7. Lake Coeur d’Alene

Lake Coeur d’Alene Idaho is just 20 min east of Spokane and allows for gorgeous dockside and lake views! This involves some walking but I would recommend this to seniors, couples, and small families!

8. Bear Lake Regional Park

This location is about 45 min from Spokane Valley. It has a beautiful pine tree back drop, clean gravel path, and the option of some forest-y photos as well!

9. Across from Maribeau Park

If you are wanting to stay in Spokane Valley, this location is the one! It is an open field and is provides a clean backdrop with gorgeous lighting! There is even a waterfall area!

Want to see more photos from this location? Check it out!

10. Corbin Park

Located in Post Falls, it is about 15-20 minutes outside of Spokane. Trees, rocks & water. So pretty. The water is the run off from the snow melting so in the spring it is completely full.

Check out my blog post to see more pictures of this location!

Those are some of my fave spokane photo locations in the area and they are each beautiful in their own way! Are you loving one of these locations and want to take some pictures soon!? Click here!

Want to see more pictures in these locations, head to my portfolio or my pinterest!

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  3. Jaynee Cones says:

    I love these spots! I grew up in Spokane but now live in Arizona. Ashlyn has helped me so much with keeping my locations in Spokane up to date! I can not express just how much this blog post has helped me! Thank you, Ashlyn!

  4. Noelle Wilson says:

    This is amazing. Love your pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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