Mount Spokane Engagement Session: Hannah & Joe

Hannah and Joe were so much fun to work with mostly because they laughed at all my jokes 😉 Haha but really they are the funny ones! The were willing to do whatever I asked. It was a party.

Hannah and Joe met and started dating in high school, after high school they both left to serve missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Hannah served in Annehiem, CA and Joe served in Salt Lake City, UT. When they returned Joe promptly asked Hannah on a date where they went to the top of Mount Spokane which is why they wanted to take their engagements here. SO CUTE!! Unfortunately the summit was closed off but we still found some gorgeous views although we did attempt to hike up to the summit only to realize it was all up hill and was about a million miles. Okay not that far, but Hannah was in a dress and heels so it might as well have been 😉

A ranger passed us as we were walking and we attempted to hitch hike a ride. He was super nice and said he probably could get away with it if it wasnt for corona. DANG CORONA. It all worked out though cause I mean LOOK AT THESE PICS!! The views were gorgeous and we found some beautiful spots. It turned out to be an awesome Mount Spokane engagement session.

Hannah and Joe are so perfect together and you could tell they are always laughing and having fun when they are together. After their missions they dated for about 10 months before Joe proposed. You want to know how he did it?? Trust me you do, it’s the cutest.

Joe took Hannah out to the salt flats pretty late at night to a place were there was no light pollution so you could see all the stars and then he popped the question. WHAT A DREAM!

I had so much fun getting to know these two a little more and their quirky personalities made me so happy! Grateful to know Hannah and Joe, I am excited for all the adventures they have to look forward to! Thanks for making your Mount Spokane engagement session the best adventure!

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