The Hockett Family: Maribeau Park

Julie reached out to me wanting family photos over Thanksgiving break as her whole family would be together and they hadn’t had professional photos taken in 5+ years. I was excited to be able to capture her growing family because I used to play ultimate Frisbee in High school with her two sons and I hadn’t seen them in 4+ years. Allan was now married and has a beautiful baby girl who was just 2 months old!

I love that this job often brings old friends back into my life. Since having 2 kids and starting my business a lot of my days are spent at home with my kids or working, so I don’t have as much time to socialize as I used to, so I love when I get to photograph old friends allowing me to catch up with them and get a glimpse into their life while I otherwise wouldn’t. It becomes the best of both worlds.

It being Thanksgiving break it was fairly cold and with the babe we wanted to be quick, but still get great photos! I feel as if we accomplished both those tasks. The session took less than 30 min and look at how great these turned out!

We decided to take them in an open field near Mirabeau Park. This is one of my favorite locations in Spokane because no matter if it is an overcast day or sunny day the lighting always turns out gorgeous!

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