Alta, Wyoming Engagement Session | Callie and Justin

I met Callie when she was 14 because my first semester in college, I was roommates with her sister! We only briefly met, and I never would have known that 4 years later I would be taking her engagement and wedding photos! It will be so fun to see my old roommate and the family she has built since that time. I wasn’t even a photographer at the time that we met, yet here we are!

I was so grateful that Callie loved my work and wanted me to take her photos. Her fiancé Justin is from Driggs, Idaho and wanted to take them close to there with the Tetons in the background if possible. I found the perfect location just East of Driggs in Alta, Wyoming. It was a partially cloudy day and on the drive to the location the clouds seemed to be covering the Tetons and I got worried that we wouldn’t be able to see them in the photos, but lucky for us the sky cleared around the tetons and we were able to get the jaw-dropping photos that I was picturing!

Justin and Callie were so easy to work with and I had such a good time getting to know them. They met on Mutual and said they know it is embarrassing. Haha! I told them that is how a lot of people meet these days and there is nothing wrong with that. Justin then jokingly said that the older generation doesn’t get it as much so whenever they ask how they met he just tells them “Mutual Friends.” LOL.

Callie and Justin have such perfect chemistry and it made it so easy to capture their love for each other. I know their wedding day is going to be stunning and I cannot wait to capture them on one of the most momentous days in their life.


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