Hannah and Tanner Dansie | St. George LDS Temple Wedding | White Shanty Reception

Hannah and Tanner decided to split their wedding up into two different days. They first got married in the Saint George Temple on April 13th with a small dinner party afterwards and then a little over a week later they had a reception at The White Shanty in Provo, UT. Both of these events were so much fun and full of energy.

My parents met Hannah’s parents before either of us were even born in Las Vegas, NV. Both of them ended up moving and they never really stayed in touch until we both ended up living near each other in Spokane, WA when I was in 7th grade. My sister became friends with Hannah’s older brother Steven and not long after that our parents made the connection. Hannah has another brother that is my age and a younger sister that is my brothers age, so we all became really good friends. Her brother Spencer was one of my best friends in High School so I spent a lot of time over at their house, even if he wasn’t their. Haha! They are practically my second family. When we graduated high school they all moved down to Utah, but since my husbands family is from their we still see them quite often which is so fun! They are the kind of family that welcomes anyone and everyone. They are full of love and you can’t help but have fun when you are around them.

I met Tanner a little before they got married over at the Jensen’s and I knew he had to be fun because he was marrying HANNAH JENSEN and I was right. They are perfect for each other.

Tanner is from Pleasant Grove, UT and when I found that out I started picking his brain of people he knew because before I moved to Spokane I lived in Pleasant Grove and believe it or not TWO of his groomsman were my old neighbors that we used to hangout with all the time. It was fun to make that connection and see them at the wedding after 10 years!

My husband and I were able to attend the sealing in the Temple and it was beautiful. We are so grateful we were able to witness such a special moment in their lives. It was a perfect day in Saint George with all clear skies. It was a little toasty but we were able to get through the group shots fairly quickly and systematically and then I was able to take a few shots around the temple with just Hannah and Tanner.

Later that evening, they had a Dinner party at the Tuacon amphitheater in St. George. They had a pizza truck cater, salad, cinnamon rolls, and soda. It was heaven! Everyone ate, chatted, and enjoyed themselves.

A little over a week later we all came together again to celebrate their marriage at the White Shanty in Provo, UT and let me tell you that girl has friends that know how to DANCE! There was so much energy the entire night. At the beginning of the night Tanner got a fun surprise from the PG soccer team who he coaches. They had a game that night and decided to surprise him afterwards. So an entire bus full of hyped soccer boys showed up and they rooted like they just won the championship game. It was such a special moment. You could feel how much they loved their coach.

After a wicked dance party, all the cookies and milk you could ask for, and tender moments with friends and family one of Tanners Soccer Players from his Junior league asked if he could sing a song for him and his bride. Of course Tanner said he absolutely could and cute kid started singing Alleluia and it was beautiful!! The nerves got to him a little and he was having a hard time finishing, but the crowd had his back and began to sing it with him. It was such special moment that I won’t forget.

We then sent the happy couple off with a sparkler exit. It was a wedding to remember for sure.


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