Isaac and Gabrielle Light Wedding | Bountiful Temple LDS Wedding

Gabrielle and Isaac chose to get married in the Bountiful Utah LDS Temple. This temple is so beautiful as it sits on the hill and overlooks the entire valley.

Each of them come from large families. Gabrielle having 5 siblings, all of which are sisters, and Isaac having 7 siblings! I want a large family and enjoyed seeing the dynamic and all the love and fun each side brought.

I went to high school with Gabrielle and my sisters are friends with her sisters so I know some of her family well and it was fun to see them again after a few years. They are all spread out over the country, but each of them flew in for this joyous day. They are all so close and I loved seeing the sister bond that they all had.

This was the first time I had met any of Isaacs family but enjoyed talking and getting to know them just the same. A few of his sisters/sister in laws were pregnant and it was fun chatting with them as I can definitely relate at this time. They were all so kind, happy, and easy to talk to.

I got to the Bountiful Temple early that day and walked around looking for where we would take the group photos, family photos, wedding party photos, and Bride and Groom photos. The East side of the building was under construction and was the only location with stair which is typically ideal for group photos so everyone can be staggered, so I had to get creative. I thought back to my wedding and our group photo our photographer took us out into a field and had everyone line up in the grass and she captured everyone with an entire view of the temple in the background and its my favorite. So as I looked for something similar and I decided to have everyone stand in front of the temple where their was a huge round about walkway and I am so pleased with how it all turned out. It was a beautiful sunny day, which made it a little hot while taking photos but I felt I got through them fairly quickly while capturing all the photos that the couple requested. After all the group shots I took the bride and groom around the Bountiful temple grounds and took some formals for them.

Later that night the Gabrielle and Isaac had a small dinner party and celebrated with their friends and family.

ATTN BRIDE TIP: The most genius thing that this family did was they rented a huge beautiful air bnb where all their family could stay and had the dinner party in the backyard. That way all the things they needed would be right inside and the price would include both the venue AND everyones stay for the weekend.

It was a spectacular location and the setup was beautiful. The center pieces were made by @rachelosguthorpe with @jolleysgiftandfloral and they were so elegant.

As family and friends arrived café rio catered and everyone chatted and enjoyed their meal. Following that they had all the traditional events of cutting the cake, dancing, and of course a sparkler exit.

It was such a fun event full of love and I am so happy for them and the happy life they will have together.

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