Our Love Story

Tomorrow is my third anniversary so I thought I would share our love story.

I met Waylon the day before my first day of college. I was attending Brigham Young University- Idaho and you could say it was a BYUI DO story 😉 I had 7 roommates my first semester and a couple of them wanted priesthood blessings before school started, if you aren’t sure what that is it is just something, we do in my church that is meant to give you comfort, guidance, or healing. A few of them were local so they tried getting ahold of their dads, but no one answered so they decided they were going to call the Elders Quorum President because we had his number. BUT it was 11:30pm the day before school started and I was so embarrassed and told them not to. They did anyways and thank goodness they did.

Waylon was the Elders Quorum President at the time and immediately came over with 2 of his roommates, Matt and James. When they showed up, they were clearly much older than us and so cute! They gave a few of us blessings and then we all chatted for a while. After they left, we all started calling dibs as if these mature beautiful men would ever hang out with a bunch of 18-year-old freshman girls. My first impression of Waylon was how beautiful his smile was. That has always caught my attention.

The next day we decided to make cookies and bring them over to thank them, but we burnt the cookies, so we showed up at their door with burnt cookies, cause what else are freshman girls suppose to do. Haha! After that we all started hanging out and I began to tutor Waylon’s roommate which allowed me to go over there a lot. I always hoped Waylon would be there because he was so cute, but I knew he was way older and I was planning on going on a mission, so I tried to set him up with my sister who had just got back from her mission. We all decided to go country dancing and Waylon was MEGA weird that night so my sister said “He is too weird for me” Haha! I am glad it worked out that way because we started dating not long after that and I basically asked him to be my boyfriend.

On October 30th 2015 we rode Waylon’s motorcycle to Smith park and walked around and talked when he went in for the kiss. After we kissed, I immediately said, “does this mean were dating because I don’t kiss people that I’m not dating.” What can I say? I tell it how it is. He said well I guess we are dating then and the next day we went on our official first date.

Our first date we were planning on going to a school play because it was a requirement for Waylon’s class but we didn’t make it in time and ended up going to Soda Vine instead.

A few weeks later we ended up breaking up because I was still planning on serving a mission, but that only lasted about a month until we went “Star gazing” and got back together, just 1 week before the semester ended and I was going home. Over Christmas break my family took a trip down to Utah which is where Waylon is from and I ended up going to visit him and met his family for the first time. I got along with his family so well and it was so much fun. My sister was still in Rexburg because she had to work so Waylon and I decided to head back there until my family picked me up at the end of the week.

After that week I went home and was convinced I would never see him again because I was going on a mission. I mean I had planned on it my whole life it wasn’t just going to change. Well we continued to talk on the phone everyday and my mom was actually the one that said, “are you sure you are going on a mission? Maybe Waylon has something to say about that.” It really made me think about what I wanted and on January 6th I was up all night when I made the huge decision to not go on a mission atleast for now and continue to date Waylon. I called him the next day and I could hear the excitement in his voice. Later that month I visited. I ended up being sick all week, but that was the first time he told me that he loved me (January 24, 2016). Being the stubborn person that I am, I didn’t say it back. Those words meant a lot to me and I wanted to be sure. 2 days later I told him and I knew then that I would marry him. The next month Waylon visited for Valentines Day. We went skiing, he met my family, I showed him around Spokane, and we talked about marriage for the first time. I asked him when he could see us getting married and he said IDK maybe next April. NEXT APRIL?? EXCUSE ME? I was thinking like this Summer! Call me crazy but I already knew I was going to marry him why wait an entire year? Of course, we went with my plan and he proposed on April 2nd and we got married June 25th.

It may seem fast especially because I was so young, but here we are 3 years later, 2 kids deep, and I am more in love with him then ever before. So grateful for a man that serves, loves, and makes me a better person. Can’t wait to see what this next year brings!

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