Family Photos with Little Kids

Oh man Family photos with little kids can be rough. Like of all the days for your kids to be cranky, tired, and crazy of course it would happen on picture day righttt? I mean it wouldn’t be family pictures without someone crying. Well I am here to fix all your problems 😉
Kids will be kids. They don’t like to sit still and have the cutest smiles unless you are telling them to smile for the picture, but I have tricks up my sleeve that will help them be good and happy during the photos. Don’t worry about if your kids are smiling or not that’s my job. Your job is to just smile.
When you book a family session with me you can let go of all the stress. I will be sure to get the smiling photos you want along with capturing your family’s personality. I have photographed families with kids of all ages and sometimes the kids just need to run around a bit to get that energy out and you better believe I will be taking photos of them doing just that. They are more likely to listen when you aren’t forcing them to stand still and smile the whole time and they are also more likely to cooperate when they get to choose what the next pose is.
Kids just want to be involved. They are curious, fun, and happy to just be kids which is exactly what I will capture in a session. I want you to have photos to hang on your wall but I also want to capture the real raw moments. They are only little for so long and I want you to be able to look back on these memories and smile at there sweet personalities.
Let them be little.

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