Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Are you planning a wedding? Have you thought about what you will do as your guestbook? Here are some ideas that I have come across and you may love!
This one seems to be very popular these days. It is fun to have a photo of all your guests rather than just there names signed and a little note. That way in years to come you can look back and put a face to the name. Plus being a huge photo person I love that people can add there personality to the photo if they wish.
This is what we did for our wedding. We had everyone sign a Jenga piece as well as put a bucket list idea on the piece. It is fun to go through them and see what people wrote. Now that we have a child, she builds with the blocks all the time, so they are looked at often and a fun reminder of those that came and supported us on our big day!
My sister had a book put together with photos of her and her husband, so when they looked back on photos of them they would be able read the sweet notes written to them by friends and family.
STRING ART EST. BOARD by @kaylaydesign
Kaylay Design creates beautiful string art boards and has been known to make huge ones for weddings. They often have your last name in beautiful string art as well as the year of your wedding. There is lots of open space for people to sign around the name. I love this unique idea because you can display it in your house after your wedding and it can be a daily reminder that you are loved and the well wishes from everyone.
I have not personally been to a wedding where someone has done this but thought it was such a beautiful idea. Instead of writing something, there is a place for people to record their well wishes. This could be done with an iPad or other device and you can have someone in charge of the process. That way when all is said and done you can watch what people have to tell you for years to come. I thought it would be cool to also have the bride and groom say something as well. That way when times get hard, they can watch the video and be reminded of the love they had on this day.
I hope you loved these ideas. Let me know if you end up using one and how it goes!

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