People Are Good

In the world we live in today we are bombarded with messages that we cannot trust people. With the news highlighting unfortunate events and wrong doings. We are convinced we need to live in fear and not trust those around us. Cause everyone is guilty until proven innocent right? WRONG!

Let me tell you of an experience I had the other day. I was shopping at Walmart and after getting in the checkout line 2 girls got in line behind me. It was just me at 8 months pregnant with my 20 month old daughter. She had been pretty good, but I was exhausted and I had a lot of groceries so I took forever. Meanwhile the 2 girls behind me where talking to and entertaining my daughter, such a blessing! I felt so bad for taking so long and when I was done I turned to the 2 girls and thanked them for being patient and helping with my child. I left and as I was packing my groceries into the car the same 2 girls came up to me, one of which said, “I know this may sound weird because I don’t know you, but I feel like I need to give you my number.” She told me to call or text if I ever needed them to watch my daughter or even if I just wanted to go to lunch. She then told me that her friend was a nail artist and that she was going to pay for me to get my nails done. If you know me you know my nails are NEVER done because it’s a luxury I just don’t want to pay for at this time, but I love when my nails are done! SO this meant so much to me and I was in shock at how nice they were.

I get feelings to help people often, like I am sure most of us do, but then I DON’T DO IT. Why is this? I think we often think that they will think we are weird because they don’t know us or maybe they don’t want their nails done? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why do we do this? Who on Earth would get offended over someone offering a kind service. Why do we talk ourselves out of these selfless acts?

I am so grateful to these 2 girls and the examples they were to me. I am going to aspire to be more aware of my impressions and act on them. You never know who’s prayers you could be answering in the process!

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