Derek and Cara | Saint Anthony Sand Dunes | Engagement Session

I have known Derek for quite a few years and was thrilled when he wanted me to take him and his fiancés engagement photos. Derek was always such a joy to see around high school and church. He was always smiling and made you feel important. He truly cares about people and making an impact, so when I found out he was engaged I knew this girl had to be special.

After hanging out with them all morning and capturing their love story I can tell you that she is. They are perfect together. They were smiling, laughing, and kissing the whole session and not just when I told them to 😉 I gave them one rule and that was anytime they wanted to kiss each other they had to do it. And they definitely obeyed that rule. Their natural chemistry only added to the photos.

Cara and Derek met at a Crepe party when Derek was on a date with Cara’s roommate. Cara immediately thought he was cute and was very interested, but Cara’s was under the impression that he was her friends ex-boyfriend and so she thought she couldn’t do anything about it because girl code. After talking the night away she discovered that he was in fact not the same Derek so they began hanging out and the rest is history.

Cara is honestly perfect for Derek. She is funny, happy, kind, and GORGEOUS! I couldn’t be more happy to take their engagement photos and capture the love they have for each other.

After Cara suggested the Saint Anthony sand dunes I knew it would be the perfect place and turns out she was inspired cause I mean look at these!! Grateful to have know them, and I know there marriage will be full of happiness and love.

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