Hiring a Hair and Makeup Artist

Most of us do our hair and makeup everyday. And by most of us I mean not me. haha! I have a baby and pregnant with my second and you know what, some days it just doesn’t happen. I am sure a lot of you can relate BUT I do it a lot of days and you know I am fine with my routine, but most days my hair is in a braid or messy bun and that’s okay. I realize I am not a makeup artist nor a hair artist. I don’t know all the fancy things to do with my hair and my makeup bag consists of foundation, a makeup brush, and mascara. That’s it. It took me years to learn how to French braid and I still can’t put eyeliner on straight. THIS is why when it comes to photos you should hire a hair and makeup artist.
DISCLAIMER: This post is mostly for me because I have never actually hired a hair and makeup artist for myself. LOL. But let me tell you why it is important and if you are in the Rexburg, ID area some people that are great at what they do!
The main reason you should hire a makeup artist for photos is because your makeup stands out LESS in photos than in real life, so having more dramatic makeup in photos often makes everything even out and look natural. Makeup artist know the perfect techniques to bring out the natural beauty in your face. When we slap foundation all over our face (like I do) we take away the natural shadows. Makeup artist know how to create these shadows with contouring and such that actually makes your face look slimmer and who doesn’t want that?! The little details in makeup make a huge difference in photos. A makeup artist that is local to the Rexburg/Idaho Falls area that I love is Kellie Stolworthy. https://www.instagram.com/kstolworthy/ I have worked with her a few times with stylized shoots and such and she always does such an incredible job.
Hair is another detail that can get overlooked. your hair style can play such a vital role in the overall look of a photo. A question I got ALOT while taking photos is “does my hair look okay?” Hiring a hair artist can take some of that stress away. Obviously depending on how your hair is styled you may still wondering if its placed right, but that is what I am here for. I make sure you don’t have any weird rebellious strands. But hair artist are amazing at what they do and can create that extra look people are often wanting when taking photos. A hair artist that I have had the pleasure of working with that is local to Rexburg, ID is Brooke Scherf. https://www.instagram.com/perf.scherf.hair/ She is so talented and you will always leave feeling confident.
Some other Hair and Makeup Artist that are local to the Rexburg, ID area are:
Let me know your experience with hiring hair and makeup artists!

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