What to Wear for Engagements

Choosing your outfits can often times be the most stressful part of taking pictures, so I have created this easy guide to help you find the best outfits for you!

1. Choose outfits that are the best YOU

When choosing outfits be sure to choose an outfit that you feel most comfortable in. If you are not the fancy dress type of person then don’t wear a fancy dress. Wear a nice shirt and jeans instead. These photos are about YOU and while you want them to look nice, you also want to feel and look like yourself. You can always dress up more than your usually day to day, but make sure it is still something you feel confident in. We all have different styles and that is what makes us unique. You want hang these up in your home and smile when you see them because it is all about you and your significant other.

2. Don’t have too much going on

I love some good patterns, but be sure not to have too many. A solid color is always nice to break up the mix. If you are going to have a bold pattern, maybe throw a solid color on your lover to balance it out.

3. Take into consideration the season and location

Wear clothes that match the season. You may think this is an obvious one, like you aren’t going to wear shorts in the winter or a puffy coat in the summer, but be sure to watch the forecast and go with the flow. Also try to consider the location. In spring a lot of locations are filled with colorful flowers so maybe try to wear more soft solid colors or light patterns to put some balance between you and the background. In summer there are lots of greens so adding more patterns into the mix is fun. In fall the leaves are changing and there are colors everywhere so try to wear deep rich solid colors to bring the attention back to you. In winter the snow is often a beautiful backdrop, but is also very cold, but get creative with textured sweaters and puffy jackets or a Sherpa pullover.

4. Accessorize

Accessories are a great way to add little, but classy details. Wear a watch, some classy earings, or a hat to contribute to the style you are going for. Little details can go along way.

5. Wear colors that complement each other, but don’t match

Try to avoid wearing the same color as your partner. It can look like too much and you often blend together. Instead try wearing colors that complement each other.

6. Avoid shirts with large logos are words

Words often bring the attention to the shirt rather than the face which is where we want all the attention and focus to be. They also often look tacky and not as clean.

7. Try avoid bright or neon colors

Bright or neon colors can often reflect onto our skin causing it to be more difficult to achieve the perfect skin tones during the editing process. Neon or bright colors also stand out and detract the attention from your face which is where we want you to be drawn to.

Hope this helped and can’t wait to see your killer outfit choices!


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