10 Things About Me

1. I got married when I was 18

After spending my whole life planning to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, my husband swept me off my feet when I least expected it. And let me tell you, there were several people that told me I shouldn’t get married so young, but I am here to tell you that almost 3 years later and it is still the best decision I ever made 🙂 Always listen to your heart.

2. Raspberries with half and half is my love language

Just drop some off at my door and I will love you forever 😉

3. I want like a gazillion kids

Okay maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but not by much 😉 I grew up nannying a plethora of children and now have a 1.5 year old girl and another girl on the way. I love kids and the joy they bring into your life. They can really teach you a lot if you just listen.

4. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I mention this because it is a huge part of who I am. I love having God and Jesus Christ as the center of my life and I am grateful for the knowledge that families can be together forever. If you want more info about what I believe ask me or you can go to LDS.org or Mormon.org

5. I am the 3rd of 4 kids in my family

I have 2 older sisters and a younger brother.

6. I am obsessed with games

I was/ am always asking people to play games with me. I could play board games, card games, yard games, whatever games all day long. I love a good competition. Although if you ask my grandma she would say I always win 😉 My husband also loves games and when we first got married we played them all the time, but after I got 3 Yahtzee’s in one game my husband was over it. Haha! He still will play them with me, but it has definitely slowed down. So let’s be friends and play board games together.

7. A few years ago my family built a 22 foot Olaf

Growing up my family had a tradition of building something out of snow every year. The snowmen only got bigger and a few years ago we had a grand finale of a 22 foot snowman. Our snowman made it onto several news stations and in several newspapers.

8. Growing up I was a major tom-boy

My nickname growing up was dirt magnet. NO joke this is what my mom called me. She said every time I stepped outside I came back in covered in dirt. I loved catching snakes, grasshoppers, lizards, and any other creepy crawling thing you can think of. I loved digging in the dirt and wore my hair in a pony tail everyday. I didn’t let anybody tell me how to dress because “I didn’t care”. Finally when I was going into high school my mom and I went school clothes shopping and my mom said, “maybe you want to buy something other than T-shirts”. Haha! Luckily I have somewhat grown out of that stage and dress a little more girly.

9. I worked with special needs kids in High School

I was a teachers assistant in a special needs classroom my senior year and it completely changed me. I learned a lot about behavior and how much potential and heart these kids have if you just give them the opportunities to achieve greatness. I also participated in Special needs sports that my school put on. I loved watching the excitement on these kids faces as they made a goal or made a basket. It was such a blessing to recognize the joy they got from simple things and reminded me to be grateful for the little things.

10. Sunshine and light bring me happiness

The only requirement I told my husband for our future home is that it must have more windows than walls. Haha! I love natural light and although I am out of the house all the time spring, summer, and fall. I hibernate in winter and need some sun!


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