Rexburg Winter Wedding Styled Shoot

The first styled shoot I ever went to, I went as a vendor not a photographer. AND YOU GUYS I didn’t even know what a styled shoot was. I asked the “bridesmaids” how the wedding was and after some confused looks I discovered that there was no wedding and non of these people actually knew each other. So if your like me and don’t know what it is then let me explain a little. A styled shoot is a way for creatives to come together to create magic. Fake models (sometimes they don’t even know each other), vendors, and photographers come together with all their talents to create a look that essentially allows them to advertise towards there “ideal” client. It is an amazing tool to use especially when you are just starting out. It not only allows you to practice in a no pressure environment, but it allows you to learn from those you are working with, be creative, and build your portfolio. As cheesy as it sounds it feeds your soul as a creative. It allows you to control all the little details and bring your vision to life.

Mckenzie with Mckenzie Ryan Photo and I had talked about doing a styled shoot together earlier this month, so when Taylor with Taylor Rae Bouquet reached out to her she reached out to me. Everyone that was part of this shoot had never actually meet in person, including the models. Mckenzie found a lot of the people through friends of friends or people she has previously worked with and we had only met through Kylee Ann Studios 90 days of marketing course that we were both participating in.

The location was beautiful, but we were knee deep in snow. A lot of the snow was frozen so if you walked lightly we would get lucky and not fall through. Haha! Because of this we couldn’t have to much movement in our posing which made it challenging for me. A lot of the poses I do are full of movement, so I really had to think outside the box. Another challenge was the “couple” didn’t know each other so kissing was a no go and if you have ever been on a couples shoot with me you know I make you make out ALOT. I loved the challenge though and Really learned a lot from Mckenzie.

It was so fun to meet new people. I love how a group of strangers can get together and become friends. The “groom” even gave the “bride” a piggy back ride through the snow because all she had on were a pair of Tennis shoes. They were both troopers through the whole thing and the photos made it all worth it!


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